People who don’t know much about electric scooters assume that these gadgets are only good for urban commuting. While it’s true that regular scooters won’t stand up to extreme riding on the beaten track, there is powerful electric scooters ideal for an off-road spin.


RND G3 is our updated off-road electric scooter with specialized features to take on challenging terrains and harsh conditions outdoors. These include powerful motors and batteries, heavy suspension systems, and well-thought-out safety features.


Here are some main features of our scooter G3 in detail:

Motor: 800W DC motor or 1200W DC motor

Frame: Material Aluminum-alloy

Accelerator Thumb accelerator

Brake Dual front & rear disc brake

Net Weight 24 KG

Unfold Size: 1197*630*1258mm

Load Bearing 100 KG

Max Speed 40KM/h or 50KM/h or customized

Battery 48V/15Ah or 52V/18Ah lithium-ion

Tire Type/Size 10.5-inch off-road tubeless tire.

Suspension: Quadruple Suspension System, No Springs

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